Heavy discounts offered on our range of Current Transformers, Water Flow Meters, etc.

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Heavy discounts offered on our range of Current Transformers, Water Flow Meters, etc.

About Us

Technical Material Solutions is here to ensure customers are well taken care of, today and tomorrow. With our business established as a trader and supplier of Current Transformer, Water Flow Meter and Electric Energy Meter, we pose stiff competition in the energy management and power distribution market of India with our smart and innovative range.

We know it that energy and water are essential services for Indian households and quality of products leading to their efficiency cannot be overlooked. Even the long-term success of the Indian economy revolves around these key resources. Therefore, we ensure our buyers are empowered to make the safest and the most reliable choices when it relates to buying transformers, and flow/energy meters for water and electricity. Keeping pace with this goal, we monitor the performance of market participants engaged in manufacturing and engineering such products. We then source the best brands of products for our own customers so that they never have to rely on outdated technology and unreliable metering solutions. Understanding preponderance of competition in our field, we also work as a service provider, delivering professional Calibration Services of products at low rates.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Partners: We know that the entire world today focuses on technological excellence and the power of innovation. Therefore, we go miles looking for the best production partners and manufacturing brands that can offer us complete solutions related to power quality monitoring and other areas.
  • Our Range: We believe in empowering everyone with intelligent technology. Thus, everything sold under our roof, from Electric Energy Meter to Water Flow Meter is built around the latest of technology and can be configured by our vendor partners for suiting needs of the industrial, commercial, and the utility market.
  • Our Services: We are also considered a market leading calibration services company. We have specialized experts who use high-tech power consumption analyzers and other calibrating tools to ensure products function optimally and accurately at all times. With our expertise, we make sure testing, measurement and other instruments at clients facility remain up-to-the-minute in terms of functionality and always perform without any glitch.

Future Plans

We plan to continue operating with integrity, honesty and accountability in our trade business and create a better future for our company, our employees and our customers.
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